Free Whitepaper Summary: How to optimize fluid waste management

This Whitepaper Summary helps you to:

  • Follow clear and conscious guidelines on how to optimize workflows for airway and surgical suction as well as infection control.
  • Understand the criteria for evidence-based and effective evaluation.
  • Learn about common misbeliefs with regards to medical waste management and how to counter them with facts & recommendations.

"15% of all medical waste is hazardous or infectious. Therefore safe handling throughout the collection and disposal process is of utmost importance." JCI, 2017

A recent study published by JCI* (in collaboration with Medela) highlights the importance of fluid collection systems and provides an overview of the current state of vacuum suction equipment like suction liners, hydrophobic filters, vacuum pumps. Furthermore, it gives guidance on how to mitigate risks in fluid waste management.

Our whitepaper summary outlines the key findings of the JCI publication. Following a hand-full of recommendations can help to avoid contamination and thus provide caregivers and patients with greater safety.

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*JCI = The Joint Commission International,