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Vacuum Assisted Delivery

Allowing obstetricians to execute safe, individualized interventions.

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Vacuum-assisted delivery is used to aid birth when labour has become prolonged and the mother is experiencing extreme stress and difficulties.

This VAD procedure is an alternative to a forceps delivery.

Guide to Vacuum Assisted Delivery

The great variety of instruments and methods used in VAD may cause confusion This booklet outlines the use of vacuum extractors, assessment of the case, application of the various types of cups, and delivery of the baby. 

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VAD System

Smooth and gentle delivery with the Medela VAD solution

The goal is to support the mother and ensure that delivery of the baby can take place in a gentle and controlled manner. To do so, the Medela VAD system consists of the Medela surgical suction pump and a large choice of single-use and reusable suction cups and various complementing accessories1

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1- Products and accesories availabitliy may depend on local registration. For more information, please contact us .